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About City Music Schools

Originally founded October 15, 1921 by Arthur Cremin, NY Schools of Music (now City Music Schools) was the realization of his dream to make quality music education available to everyone. At $.25 a lesson, business boomed and by 1938 NYSM boasted 15 branch schools throughout Manhattan, the boroughs, and even New Jersey. The schools annual concerts filled Carnegie hall, and students vied for the honor of performing in them. Today City Music Schools continues its tradition of providing high quality, affordable music lessons. One of the ways we do this is by offering short-term enrollment. Our four and seven class packages are designed to give you, the student, a more convenient way to pay for your education. Because we do not require a full semester’s tuition in advance, we must apply a strict no-refund policy to our class cards.



City Music Schools Policies

Effective 2/15/18

Registration Fee

The Registration Fee at City Music Schools is $15.00. This fee is valid for as long as you are an active student of CMS or for up to 6 months after the purchase of your last class card. All Registration Fees are non-refundable.

Fee Schedule:

Four half hour private lessons,

to be used within a one month period $108.00

Seven half hour private lessons,

to be used within a two month period $174.00

Four one hour private lessons,

to be used within a one month period $196.00

4 String Ensemble classes.

to be used in a one month period $36.00

Short-term extensions of expiration dates on lesson cards are available at the discretion of the management. Please arrange for these in advance. A $5 fee will be charged for this service. Of course, automatic extensions will be given free of charge for any period that the school is closed.

A $20 service charge will be applied for all returned checks. Management reserves the right to refuse checks.

If you purchased your class through CourseHorse, then our Refund & Cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you are entitled to a refund, or have any questions, please visit the <a href="https://coursehorse.com">CourseHorse</a> site and contact their customer service team.

Phone: 347.837.9378

Email: info@joriaproductions.com

412 W 42nd Street, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10036